What Caption Would You Give This Photo?



The Game Room

I have a quirky sense of humor and our son suggested that this “room” be sub-titled, Things That Make You Smile. I love to laugh. I love funny videos, especially cat-videos. And, I appreciate other people’s ability to communicate humor through words and pictures.

Just for kicks, what would caption would you give the photo above? Contenders: Karaoke Night; You Touch My Kids and You Have Me to Deal with; Is it Edible?

Let’s just consider this room a place where you might find something to smile about!

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  1. Oh no – not a snake!!! Do you remember when I came upon one on a hike in the hills???? I have found a solution to the issue —- moth balls…. they keep the snakes away. Now that I am in the land of “Lousy-Ana”, there are a lot here but the moth balls have been great – not one in 3 years…..

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