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I have a deep love and desire to communicate to the people of this generation that God is for them, that He loves them with an everlasting love, and that He wants to personally lead them through the journey as a member of His Kingdom. Jesus came to set the captives free and bind-up the broken hearted. That includes you and me. I want to express this message to a hurting world. I was prompted to write the series, Kingdom Living in a Twisted World to help people learn how to study the Bible verse by verse and SEE that the way Jesus taught His disciples is the same way He speaks and moves today.


Hi and welcome! I’m Kim and this is my husband, John.


John protects me from the technological monsters in the ministry such as the technical details of this blog, aka The King’s Agenda, Stories from the Kingdom. He also fends off book publishing predators. I’m challenged enough by the complexities of trying to turn on our TV.


I get to do the fun stuff like communicating and sharing my passion for Jesus, while John works behind the scenes tying things together. John’s a pretty good communicator too, meaning you may hear from him occasionally about an interest of his – art, music, science, Biblical prophecy, and the Culture. Hey, maybe he should get his own blog!

My giftings are more people focused. I’m passionate about helping people see how God shows up on their path every day. Every close encounter is a story to be told. There are billions of stories about Him every day, if only our eyes could see! I’ve been praying hard and standing firm in this area for many years, recording His doings in my life and in others in a journal I’ve kept since I was 14. That’s a lifetime of God sightings!


These are my passions, so what is my Career?


I’m a semi-retired lawyer and a former law professor. As an appellate attorney (one who appeals a lower court decision or seeks to protect the lower court decision, depending on who hires you), I write people’s stories from a legal perspective. I use the law, facts and evidence from the case to try to explain to the appellate court why the trial court was either right or wrong.

Because teaching is a thread that runs through my life, I have had the privilege of speaking to lawyers, pastors and other groups on various aspects of the legal profession. I also taught law as an Adjunct Professor for seven years and had the privilege of teaching future lawyers how to craft a good story.


I’ve also worked in the para-church arena -- in my younger years (Youth for Christ), and more recently as the Director of Women’s Ministries and Adult Ministries at my former church. I’ve had the joy of working with amazing people, training leaders and teaching adult Bible Studies, Sunday school classes and small groups. I was privileged to work with a team of amazing people led by Pastor Mark Hopper at Diamond Bar EFree Church, who trusted me with such fulfilling responsibilities.

I am now on a new career path, combining my favorite activities, teaching and writing. I’m writing verse-by-verse Bible studies telling His stories, and telling other people’s life stories in my speaking, blogging and my teaching in small group classes. (Stay tuned for information on my newest, upcoming path – Live the Life You Were Meant to Live, an interactive class for small groups).

I believe God is blending my diverse careers in a special way to give me a unique message – a lawyer’s analytical ability and speaking/writing skills, a teacher’s patience and steadfastness, and a minister’s heart for people. [John-Dear wrote this paragraph.]


When John and I moved to San Diego County in 2011, I published my first book The Call to Follow Jesus: Studies in the Gospel of Mark, a verse-by-verse interactive Bible Study to help people SEE Jesus better – gee, do you think we have a theme going here? I’m currently working on my next book, The Acts Project, a four volume, verse-by-verse study of Acts. You can download a sample of both.

I recently read a book by John Eldredge, Waking The Dead. In it he asked his readers to spend some time just listing some things you love. Here’s my recent, partial list, just to help you get your juices going. It’s a good exercise:

I love Jesus, John and Jonathan; I love good friends and the feelings I have when I’m with them; I love jasmine in the summer; the smells, sights and sounds of the ocean as it batters the shore; I love color, especially the colors of nature in the garden; I love the garden John and our helper, Tomas built – it is a stronghold against predators, a place that is alive and growing; I love the good food it delivers and the joy of sharing it with others. I love to watch the LIGHT switch on in someone’s soul when I have been privileged to say something that touches their life; I love sitting on the deck watching the sunset with friends and hearing their stories; I love the seventh inning stretch at a baseball game and I love to sing and hear the National Anthem; I love people who serve and protect; I love over-comers and over-comer movies; I love the first sip of coffee in the morning; I love the order of the white board which reminds me every day that I am called to greater things; I love people who push through hardships and keep getting up; I love my son’s courage as he faces obstacles; I love my husband’s heart to serve our family; I love books and the broken people who write them; I love stories and history, which is nothing more than a conglomeration of His stories; I love the feel of cold sheets on a hot day or warm sheets on a cold night; I love knowing, ‘wherever you are, God is.’ He is with me.” And He is with you! So, are you ready? Take a breather and make your own list!

Kim in Her Garden

Kim in Her Garden

Thanks for stopping by. And, hey, it was nice to meet you! I hope you’ll visit often and share some of your stories and the things you love.

On the journey for more of Jesus,

Kim (and John).