Thanks for stopping by my new home away from home. I hope you will take a few minutes to jog around the site where you will find out more information about my journey in kingdom living, my passion to communicate (capital T) truth, and more. You can also stop by my blog page where I'm hoping you can grab a new insight or two to help you along life's journey.

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Finally, I hope you will download a sample from my first book in the series, Kingdom Living in a Twisted World, The Call to Follow Jesus Studies in the Gospel of Mark. You can also download a sample of my upcoming book in the series, The Acts Project: Called to a Life of Power, Volume I. It is an interactive, verse-by-verse look at life of Christ and the lives of the apostles and how they went on to change the world!

You can find the sample at the bookstore page, where you can also link to buy the book or put in a request to be notified whenThe Acts Project becomes available.