Kim's broad background in public speaking and Biblical knowledge help make her presentations inspiring, interactive and insightful. She has a gift for engaging with her audience through her humor and in her ability to be transparent about her own life challenges. Her choice of current, relevant issues always draws an audience and no one leaves dissatisfied. God has blessed and anointed her in this work and has given her a passion for sharing His message with others. -- Nancy Salvato, Director of Women's Ministries, Efree Church, Diamond Bar,California

We have had several opportunities to hear Kim Laliberte share at our church as a speaker and Bible Study Teacher. She shares not only from her heart but from an extensive knowledge of the Bible. She continuously encourages her listeners to apply what they have learned to their daily lives.  She has a wonderful sense of humor and is very transparent with the audience.  We are looking forward to having her return to speak again. -- Linda MacCubbin, Director of Children's Ministry former Women's Director, Evangelical Free Church,Diamond Bar

Your willingness to be humble and transparent as you lead has accomplished two things for me. It made you approachable even though your credentials were impressive and impeccable, and it encouraged me to know there were spiritual leaders who did not harbor an agenda except one of mutual love and respect. -- PM, Bible Study leader

Your teaching skills, intelligence and knowledge of the Bible have inspired me to read and study the Bible with more depth. -- PS

You have helped me find my heart and go for it. -- JN

When Kim teaches, I do not get distracted and am totally focused on what she is saying. -- TL

Kim is a gifted organizer and leader and, in addition, has an ability to bring the Bible to life as a teacher.-- KS