But It's Not About Me!

Actually, it’s all about Him! While I consider myself a citizen of the culture because I enjoy many genres of movies, books, music, art and theatre, my personal definition of a worldview is to look at life from God’s perspective. I want to see and evaluate things the way God does and help others do the same.

I have a deep love and desire to communicate to the people of this generation that God is for them, that He loves them with an everlasting love, and that He wants to personally lead them through the journey as a member of His Kingdom. Jesus came to set the captives free and bind-up the broken hearted. That includes you and me.  I want to express this message to a hurting world. I was prompted to write the series, Kingdom Living in a Twisted World to help people learn how to study the Bible verse by verse and SEE that the way Jesus taught His disciples is the same way He speaks and moves today.

My Journey

I began the journey of writing and teaching at a young age. Photos of me as a toddler show me with pencil and paper in hand; my third grade first day of school photo reveals me carrying a briefcase of all things (good grief! Who let me out of the house?) Other memories of my childhood include cornering my younger brother and forcing on him all the things I learned in school that particular day.

College professors encouraged me to write for publication. I tried, but lacked the know-how and the stick-to-it mental attitude needed to face all the rejections. Even then, however, God was doing a work in my life. Through a journal I've kept an on and off since I was thirteen, I learned to corral my thoughts and ideas gathered from the four corners of the world. My voracious appetite for reading and hearing other people's stories. I am facinated by the whispers of God's Spirit moving in and about people's lives.

My passion is the journey – teaching and telling people what I see, hear and read about in the Word; stories of freedom (some of them mine); stories of faith, pain, problems and that Jesus is in the midst. I love stories about people who are learning to move from their agenda to God's plan. Journey.

My journey is also a love story – about meeting the most amazing man of my acquaintance, waiting for him to get on board (12 years) and the 26 year (and counting) journey called marriage; it is about raising a son whose own journey is amazing.

My journey is also a faith story – about learning through pain, suffering, problems, joys, trials and blessings that God is faithful and will not waste a single event in your life or mine; that He is with me; that He actually longs for community with you and me; that He is trustworthy

And my journey has been filled with variety in career, life and ministry.

In many of my talks I employ humor and real-life stories with practical applications to encourage people and help them see how Scripture is relevant today. My prayer for you is that you will learn how to see God moving in and around your life, and that you will learn how to walk more intimately with Jesus as you experience Kingdom Living in a twisted world.

And the journey is just beginning. You never know when or how He will show up. He is the God of the surprise. Sometimes we see Him in the most unlikely ways -- a broken-hearted friend, desperately trying to stand firm; or a precocious child unknowingly dispensing life-changing wisdom Even in the midst of a garden tragedy, He's there.